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BETSA® Softwares

Pressure Ruby Luminescence
PRL BETSA® Software

Automatic Pneumatic Drive System

BETSA® software

Other development

BETSA® software

Pressure Ruby Luminescence
Automatic Pneumatic Drive System
Other development

  • Real-time pressure display

  • Neon calibration (for hamamatsu® monochromator)

  • All available pressure gauges

  • Suppression of background noise

  • Automatic pneumatic drive system control panel

  • Optical transfer control (Shutter, laser, neon and back light)
This software allows to calculate a pressure in MDAC

Operating system : Windows 7/8/10
Connetion : USB cable
Requirements : New communication interface [INTER 3.0]
only for hamamatsu® monochromator
for Hamamatsu®


for Ocean Optics®


BETSA® APDS Controller
This software allows to communicate with the Automatic Pneumatic Drive System in order to control her outlet pressure with different settings.

Operating system : Windows 7/8/10
Communication protocol : SCPI
Connetion : Cable USB serial converter

  • Display of outlet pressure (membrane pressure) in bar
  • Display of inlet pressure (Helium bottle pressure) in bar
  • Setting of set-point in bar

  • Setting of overshoot :
  1. Fast - The controller quickly changes the pressure with possibility to go beyond the set-point.
  2. Not allowed - The controller changes the pressure according to an exponential variation up to set-point

  • Setting of slew mode :
  1. Linear - The controller changes the pressure linearly up to set-point according to a variation defined by the user (Slew Rate)
  2. Max Rate - Instant variation up to set-point.

  • Setting of Slew Rate in bar/minute or second depending of the unit set in the APDS210.
On request we can also develop other interactions as below, the control
of the elements composing the BETSA® optical transfer

This software was developed under Python, it is based on the following library :
  • NumPy
  • PyQtGraph
  • PyVISA
  • PySerial
  • Cython
  • PyInstaller
  • PyJnius....

The graphical interface of the software has been developed with Qt 5.14.0
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