Microvalve BETSA

A micro-valve attached to the membrane allows to disconnect the cell from its pressure controller while maintaining the pressure in the membrane.


A Gasket thickness measurement tools

The MEJ01 was designed to ease the measurement of the indented gaskets thicknesses.

There is no risk of deforming the gaskets with the steel points


Abrasive tool to shape the EDM electrodes tips

The abrasive tools have been designed in order to facilitate the repair (with emery-cloth) of used and worn MH20 spark- eroder electrodes.

The quality of repair does not...

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank


Pneumatic Drive System

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XY Stage


 Small size and high rigidity 2 axis linear stage.

XY travel range : 6 mm. Micrometer screw thread : 250μm / turn. Load capacity : - Horizontal : > 10 kg. - Vertical : > 800 g.

Peristaline PUMP


To pump the dielectric liquid out from the tank.

Crimping tool


The crimping tool is provided for users who want to make the type II electrode by themselves.

A tool for measuring your gasket thickness


Diamond Polishing Past

Polishing past 1µ, 3µ, 6µ, 9µ, 15µ, 30µ...

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