BETSA-Gear box - BETSA® - All for very high pressure experiments

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BETSA® offers the membrane for these MDACs as a pressure maker. However, it is possible to have the option of pressure by 4 compression screws.

This can be by manual screwing but also screwing using a Gear Box
Gearbox [GB --]

The Gearboxes are made to allow users, having chosen a Diamond Anvil Cell with CLAMP SCREW OPTION , to build up pressure mechanically.

A single rotational action on the central gear distributes rotations on the 4 compression screws of the DAC. The closure is thus homogeneous on the 4 screws at the same time, unlike a manual closure which requires a cross closure.
In order to know the closing distance, the gearboxes are marked on the upper part, controling the degree of central rotation which will be transferred to the external gears.
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