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Electric Discharge Machine

Motorized Electric Discharge Machine
EDM electric discharge machine
The [MH20M] motorized EDM has been designed to drill the tiny holes in any conducting gasketmaterial that the diamond anvil cells (DAC) operation requires.

           Fast drilling, high hole shape quality, high accuracy in centering and very easy operation make the [MH20M] the best tool to prepare the gaskets used in high pressure physics.

           Using different diameter wires (50µm, 80µm,125µm, 150µm, 200µm, 250µm, 300µm, 380µm) the hole diameter can be continuously varied from 60µm to 450µm by controlling the electrode voltage.

           A needle is used for drilling from 20µm to 100µm.

A non motorized version of the MH20M (ref MH20), may also be ordered.
A motorized module MOTO1 can be added latter to upgrade the MH20 to the MH20M.
Visualisation during the drilling
pre-drilling and alignment
drilling control
Finished drilling & cylindrical
Checking the hole



Rotating head rotates 90 °
to change from centering visualisation position to drilling.
EDM Accessories & spares


Using different diameter wires the hole diameter can be continuously varied from 60μm to 530μm by controlling the electrode voltage.
           A needle is used for drilling from 10μm to 50μm.

List of Type II electrodes :
Electrode Needle radius 2µm.  
Electrode Ø 50µm - 80µm - 100µm - 125µm -
150µm - 200µm - 250µm - 300µm - 380µm - 500µm

The abrasive tools

have been designed in order to facilitate the repair (with emery-cloth) of used and worn MH20 spark- eroder electrodes.

 The quality of repair does not depend on the dexterity of the user.      

 There is no risk of destroying ( bending or folding ) the tungsten part of the electrode.

Electrode set :
The tungsten top of the electrode is guided in a Ø500μm hole.
Top of the needle :
The electrode is always perpendicular to emery cloth.
Erosion of electrode :
About 10 to 20 seconds to repair an electrode.
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