BETSA-Cryogenic Gas Loading System - BETSA® - All for very high pressure experiments

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BETSA®Cryogenic Gas Loading System
This equipment makes it easy to load cryogenic gases for all of your experiments in quasi-hydrostatic conditions.

 It can handle any gas except H2, He and Ne. It suits any type of DAC. It includes a safety valve to secure the loading.
The Cryogenic Gas Loading System is composed of a thin stainless steel tank in order to ease the heat transfer from the liquid N2 towards the gas that has to be liquefied.
A Ø65mm laminated glass window allows to easily observe the inside of the device
To carry out gas loading in a safe and efficient manner, a specific installation comprising a gas bottle, a vacuum pump and safety elements is necessary. This equipment ensures proper gas handling and minimises pressure and safety risks.

When it comes to charging gases, several technologies can be used depending on the specific needs of the experiment. One of the most commonly used methods, offered by BETSA®, is cryogenic loading.
Cryogenic loading involves the use of very low temperature gases, usually liquefied, to obtain controlled experimental conditions. This method offers many advantages, including better thermal stability, more accurate pressure, and less disturbance due to condensation or chemical reaction of gases.
By using the cryogenic loading technology offered by BETSA®, researchers and scientists can benefit from precise control of the experimental conditions, thus enabling in-depth studies and reliable results in various research fields, such as physics, chemistry and materials science.

In summary, gas loading requires a specific installation including safety equipment and appropriate technologies. Cryogenic loading, offered by BETSA®, offers an advanced and reliable method to create controlled experimental conditions, thus opening up new perspectives for research and scientific exploration.
Mechanical features:
  • Compatible with all DACs that are Ø35, Ø50 or Ø60mm in O.D. (Other dimensions upon request).
  • Lift up from the liquid N2 tank bottom by 3 feet.
  • 2 eye bolts
  • External size: Ø=150mm [5.9”]
Height=135mm [5.3”].
Sealed with low-temperature O-rings

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