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Custom-made manufacture
BETSA® is specialized
in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution
of very high-pressure experiments.
BETSA® Softwares
BETSA® High-Pressure Experiment Softwares for Ruby Fluorescence, Pneumatic Control, Optical Transfer Control, and More
Custom made manufacture
"Meet the BETSA® Experts: High-Pressure Experiment Design and Development"

At BETSA®, we know that high-pressure experiments require specialised expertise. That's why we focus on the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of very high-pressure experiments. Our team is skilled and experienced, allowing us to provide specific studies covering prototype creations. We're proud to say that we've mastered numerous technologies and can perform all the necessary steps to ensure your experiments are successful. Trust BETSA® for all your very high-pressure experiment needs!
"BETSA® Expertise Presentation: High Pressure Experiment Software and Optical Transfer Control"

At BETSA®, we're all about pushing the limits of high-pressure experiments. Our team of experts develops top-of-the-line software for Pressure Ruby Luminescence and Automatic Pneumatic systems. Plus, if you need something specific for your experiment, we're happy to develop custom interactions to control the BETSA® optical transfer. Trust us, we've got the expertise to take your experiment to the next level.
"BETSA® Expertise Presentation: High-Pressure Experiments with Specialised Manufacturing and Assembly"

At BETSA®, we specialise in the study, manufacture, and assembly of high-pressure cells and related products. With our state-of-the-art machine tools and furnaces for temperature stabilisation, we are able to produce high-quality products with exceptional precision and accuracy. Our team of specialised mechanics is always on-site, ensuring that all of our products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Whether you are conducting research or working on industrial applications, you can trust BETSA® to provide you with the very best in high-pressure technology.
"BETSA®'s Expertise in Designing and Manufacturing High-Pressure Experiment Sub-assemblies In-House"

Thus, BETSA® is able to design and to manufacture all sub-assemblies (optical, mechanical, electronic, software) in-house. This allows for complete control over the production process, ensuring that each component meets the highest standards of quality. In addition to creating new products, BETSA® also distributes existing products to customers all around the world. With a global presence, BETSA® is able to provide customers with the products and expertise they need to conduct very high pressure experiments with confidence.
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