BETSA®-DAC-XCV-CS-(LOW) - BETSA® - All for very high pressure experiments

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Diamond Anvil Cell

large range temperature.

Spectroscopy at
Medium pressure

Visible - Single crystal - Powder X-ray diffraction - Raman-Infrared - Laser heating

Clamp scew

Without Membrane
Pressure range*:
  • 50 GPa

Temperature range :
  • 4K to 1000K

Optical access to sample :
  • Full angle apertures 100°/100°

Sizes :
  • Heigh : 17 mm (0.67")
  • Ø : Ø 42.60 mm (1.65")

*(depending on the culet size of the diamonds)
Composed of :
  • 2x Conical anvils       
  • 1x Piston           
  • 1x Cylinder           
  • 4x Dowels           
  • 1x Rockers           
  • 2x Seats
  • 4x adjustment screws   

DAC   body material :
  • Inconel High temperature
  • (Beryllium copper - CuBe2)         

Material   of screws and other parts:
  • hardened steel
  • steel                        
  • Inconel High temperature
  • stainless   steel

Material   seats and rocker:         
  • Inconel High temperature      
  • tungsten carbide - WC  
  • (Beryllium copper - CuBe2)       
Clamp screw:
  • Clamping       by   manual screw (2 left/2 right)
  • Manual screw (4 right and/or gearbox screw  

Are you looking for a high pressure experiment setup without a membrane but with a ball joint to adjust the diamonds? Look no further than the BETSA® DIAMOND ANVIL CELL! This unique DAC model in the BETSA® range offers these features for your experiments.

Other features: Holes can drilled for access next to the sample to :
-setup Thermocouples
-setup Electrical connectors (electrical measurements)
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