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Internal Heating System [IHS]

Diamond Anvil Cell
XCV Model
Very High Temperature
Internal Heating System
The IHS is an internal stage of the M-DAC BETSA® it can be used in addition to the EHS, which is used to work around the M-DAC

The IHS emits a temperature up to 1450°C

BETSA® has developed an internal heating system that can reach temperatures of up to 1450°C continuously and in the air, gas or vaccum.

Our 3D printed IHS can be customized to fit your specific needs and environment in terms of anvil size, shape and seal material.

BETSA® also offers a variety of possibilities, the 3D printed IHS can be studied for you according to your request, you know that BETSA® also works on special requests

Features :

• Maximum temperature: 1450°C
• Power full for circular IHS - 1mm² - 1.5V DC / 19A
• Connections: by external double 13 AWG wire (2x2.5mm²)

• Regulation precision: ± 5/10 ° C (depends on the conditions air/gas/vacuum)

Comes with two thermocouples sondes with connectors
• 1 thermocouple inputs type K soldering direct to the 3D printed resistor to control the Highest temperature
• 1 must be glued on the anvil to control the in-situ temp
• useful Power supply: 110-230 Vac 50 Hz - DC 15V/60A

Size features:

• pyrophyllite isolator corps matter
• Outside diameter: 42.6mm
• Inside diameter: 13mm
• Entraxe output : 34mm - Ø6mm

BETSA® can develop and study special sizes
according to your needs, on request
the optical apertures are close to 60 degrees while the X-Ray apertures are at 57 degrees symmetrical
Internal Heating System [IHS --]
We have designed a Plug and Play system that can be easily assembled and disassembled inside a DAC, with standard fittings for external power supply and internal temperature monitoring.
Here is an extremely elevated temperature THT type Membrane DAC that can accommodate the IHS
here is a detailed detail of the cell with the IHS
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